Mocca Styles finds her now by embracing the motivational essence behind the #LovingOnMyself #iCrushGoals campaign. Professionally, she is the CEO of her own public relations firm and the creative director of a mental health & wellness organization, Totality of a Woman. Leisurely, Styles enjoys hula hooping, meditation, yoga, skating, and spending time with her family. Her passion is to educate and inspire women about the importance of physical and mental well-being.

How do you balance all of your roles?

I’ve developed my own system as everybody must have one that works well for them. My life isn’t chaotic but I do work well with a lot on my plate. I keep my notes and calendar filled on my phone, have alerts, and my alarm – that’s how I keep the control. It comes with being a publicist, juggling multiple things and people.

Congratulations on 40 pounds lost! How exciting is that?

It is so exciting! I reached the heaviest weight that I had ever been and was battling depression and anxiety. I wasn’t eating right, balancing my diet, or exercising. One day, I had an epiphany and started finding myself again. With that, I found the balance I used to have, wherein I worked out all the time, was fit, and watched what I ate. It’s important for people in general, especially for women, to keep ourselves healthy.

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On a recent IG post, you wrote: “Behind Every DOPE Woman is one hell of a Story!” What’s part of the story behind the dope woman who is Mocca Styles?

I’ve been through a lot of things that people would never guess, but I wear my struggles well. I’ve overcome depression and survived domestic violence. I’m talking mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially. I went through things I had to work through, pray through, and overcome to be the person that I am. Having endured and overcome, I use the lessons I’ve learned to help other people. The gratification – helping people manifest their dreams.

You’re clearly a family-oriented person. What do you hope that women, especially impressionable young girls, like your nieces, get from seeing you apply continuous self-love and self-care to your daily life?  

I want them to be confident and to feel free about coming to me for anything, and for them to be able to speak out, and not be afraid, about questioning things that people tell them; to be assertive, determined, and focused.

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Specific to your health, self-care, and self-love, please say the first thing that comes to mind regarding #LovingOnMyself #iCrushGoals?

My mental health and wellness. I can’t do any of the other things without being in my right mind and my right body.

In advance of this weekend’s Kimmie Awards and National Women’s Health Week shortly afterward, what message do you hope to impart to illustrious women through the campaign?

Health-wise, do everything in your power so that we can be here for a long time to finish taking over the world.

What do you want your legacy to be?

I want people to remember that you can overcome anything or any challenge. I want to leave that behind for my nieces and nephews. There is opportunity out here. The information is out here. It’s available to you! You can get it, and you can do it! I want my legacy to be about self-improvement, self-love, and self-care as a lifestyle.”


The #LovingOnMyself #iCrushGoals to #ImpactTheWorld campaign seeks to encourage women to love on themselves by setting small health-related goals, crushing them, and slowly building up to larger, long-lasting ones. Its launch celebrates the 2019 Kimmie Awards which is dedicated to the Illustrious Woman and commemorates National Women’s Health Week which kicks off on May 12th.

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